Bonhomia Red Boho Single Serve Espresso Coffee Brewer + Wipp-It Induction Milk Frother

Rs. 16,490.00
Fresh Cafe-style Coffee at Home Brew your choice of café style gourmet coffee at a touch of a button within 30 seconds, be it espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte…. Dream it,...

The harmony between our Brewer -'The Boho' and our milk Frother 'Wipp-It' is an outstanding example of what the perfect partnership means! Together they are invincible, you can brew your cappuccinos, lattes, machiattos, even cold coffee mock-tails in less than two minutes!

About The Boho

Boho's compact, space efficient design makes it the perfect counter top accessory for homes, cafes and offices. It's innovative one touch technology with adjustable settings allow you to choose the strength of your brew creating perfection in every cup.


  • Product color: Passion Red (metallic paint - scratch proof luster)
  • New Compact Brewing unit technology
  • Water tank Capacity 800ml
  • Pump Pressure: 15 - 19 Bar
  • Protection class: Class 1
  • Automatic and programmable Coffee quantity
  • Power: 1140 - 1360W, Voltage 220 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Machine weight: 4.2kgs
  • Size: Length 320 * Width 160 * Height 270 mm

About Wipp-It

It is the perfect combination of innovative technology, functionality and new age design. Coupled with carefully crafted Bonhomia brewer and capsules, it produces the perfect froth for your cup, be it cappuccinos, lattes, machiattos.


    • Rated voltage: 220 - 240V
    • Rated Frequency - 50Hz
    • Rated power input - 550 - 650W
    • Capacity - Minimum - 75ml
    • Capacity - Max. frothing milk - 150ml
    • Max. heating milk - 300ml
    • Dimensions - Length 104 * Width 104 * Height 218 mm (approx)

    Fresh Cafe-style Coffee at Home

    Brew your choice of café style gourmet coffee at a touch of a button within 30 seconds, be it espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte…. Dream it, Brew it!

    Coffee Corner for Your Living Room

    Elegant sleek design of BOHO complements your stylish home decor! Midnight Black, a premium neutral color blends beautifully with your living room setting or in your bar!

    Play With Bonhomia!
    Your every season companion.

    Savour delightful Hot and Cold beverages with Bonhomia. Pair your Boho with our Wipp-It Induction Milk Frother to get hot & cold froth. There is no stopping a gourmet coffee tasting session at your next party!

    Frother's Features

    The perfect accompaniment for Single Serve Coffee Brewer, BOHO.
    Innovative induction technology to froth and heat milk.
    Hot & Cold froth at the touch of a button.
    Dishwasher safe.

    Consistent Brew Each Time

    A fresh cup of gourmet coffee every time, cup after cup – consistent quality, consistent taste. The experience of coffee making simplified!

    Warranty & After Sale Service

    1 year manufacturer warranty. Register your warranty online for a gift voucher!
    On-Site After Sales Service Support

    Variety of Blends to choose from

    Bonhomia Coffee Capsules are available in a whole range of taste profiles and intensities as well as delectable flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate and Hazelnut . Choose your favourite brew!

    In the Box

    Your box includes Coffee Brewer along with detachable water jar, detachable drip tray with 2 cup size provision, Warranty Card and User Manual.

    Step 1 – Fill milk in the jar

    Plug in the frother base.
    In the milk jar, ensure the circular widget is intact.
    Fill the quantity of milk you want to froth between the 'Min' and 'Max' marking.
    (Use Cold milk for Cold froth)

    Step 2 – Set container on Induction base

    Cover the milk container with the lid and Place container on the induction machine base.

    Step 3 – Press cold or hot button

    Press the Cold / Hot Froth Button, depending on your requirement and a Blue / Red light will turn on.
    Let the milk froth for about 2 minutes and the machine would stop on it's own

    Step 4 – Pour into espresso shot

    Pour the frothed milk into the espresso shot of your favourite Bonhomia coffee blend to make Hot or Cold Coffees.

    Step 1 : Fill the water jar

    Fill the container with water.
    Run one empty cycle to remove any residue.

    Step 2 : Insert the Capsule

    Lift the lever to an upright position.
    Insert capsule of choice into the machine.

    Step 3 : Press the Button

    Return lever to its original position.
    Place your cup below the dispensing nozzle.

    Step 4 : Enjoy your Beverage

    Press small cup sign for an Espresso
    Press large cup sign for a long shot
    An exquisite cup of Bonhomia Coffee/Tea is served.

    Iced Cafe Latte
    Espresso Frappe
    Iced Bonhomia
    Cafe Mocha
    Cafe Latte

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