Bonhomia Organic Bliss Coffee Capsules | Intensity 4 (Pack of 10)

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Intensity level 4

Intensity level 4

Lightly roasted, with a smooth, light body.

Flavour Profile

Flavour Profile

Dark Chocolate with Low Acidity


Aromatic Profile

With it's mild fruity aromatic overtones and a lingering oaky after-taste, it will leave you craving for yet another cup


Best Enjoyed As

Espresso & Caffè Latte

Almond Orgeat Cappuccino

Almond Orgeat Cappuccino


  • 2 Bonhomia Black Veil Coffee Capsules
  • 2 Teaspoon of orgeat or almond barley water
  • 130 ml of full cream tetra packed milk
  • ¼th teaspoon of bitter almond extract
  • Cocoa powder
  • Amaretto Biscuit


  • Pour 2 teaspoons of orgeat or almond barley water into each cappuccino cup and then pour the Espresso into the cup prepared using Bonhomia Black Veil capsules
  • Add the bitter almond extract to the milk and prepare the milk froth using the Bonhomia Wipp-It frother
  • Top each cappuccino cup with the flavoured milk froth and sprinkle with cocoa powder if desired
  • Garnish each cappuccino cup with an Amaretto biscuit and serve immediately

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