Bonhomia Green Tea Capsules | 100% Indian Green Tea (Pack of 10)

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Origin Freshly sourced from the foot of Himalayas Flavour Profile Light & Citrusy Aromatic Profile Refreshing Floral Aroma Ingredient 100% Indian Tea

Bonhomia Green Peace brings you the overall goodness of green tea in the convenient capsule format. Pop in a Green Peace capsule in your Nespresso machine and press the ‘Lungo’ button and you have a rich steaming cup of aromatic green tea that will recharge your body and leave you with a fresh feeling.

Our sophisticated rendering of the haloed Green Tea is an ode to the orient. Freshly sourced from the foot of the Himalayas, it is the epitome of eternal bliss. Its refreshing floral aroma makes for an ideal retreat to a state of peace that is reminiscent of lush green landscapes.

Remember to run an empty cycle without the pod to flush out any residue from previous brews before your tea preparation.


  • 10 Individually Sealed Green Tea capsules per box
  • Nespresso Compatible
  • Category : Single Origin
  • Ingredients : 100% Tea
  • Best before 12 months from date of packaging
  • Dimensions of each unit: 11 x 9.1 x 16.2 cms
  • Intensity: Mild Green Tea

Freshly sourced from the foot of Himalayas


Freshly sourced from the foot of Himalayas

Light & Citrusy

Flavour Profile

Light & Citrusy

Refreshing Floral Aroma

Aromatic Profile

Refreshing Floral Aroma

Indian Tea


100% Indian Tea

Green Tea Berry Delight

Green Tea Berry Delight


  • 4 Bonhomia Green Peace tea capsules
  • 80g frozen blueberries
  • 4 frozen strawberries


  • Pour out a Lungo shot (110ml) from your Boho machine with each of the Bonhomia green peace tea capsules (4 X 110ml=440 ml).
  • Leave it in the refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes. Toss the blueberries and medium cut strawberries in a colourful bunch at the bottom of a tall glass. You can frost the glass in the refrigerator to keep your Berry Delight cool for longer.
  • Pour the Bonhomia Green Peace tea over the berries. Add crushed ice for that extra frosty crunch on top and serve.

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