Bonhomia Brewski Single Serve Cappuccino and Espresso Coffee Brewer

Rs. 26,490.00
Fresh Cafe-style coffee at Home A technologically hip coffee brewer – Brewski, is here to serve you the coffee of your dream.Its single serve coffee brewing system brews all types...

The Bonhomia Brewski is a first of its kind Integrated & Intelligent Capsule Coffee Brewer from The House of Bonhomia.

Whether you are a Cappuccino lover or like an Espresso after your meal, this product is ready to offer you all of those and more, just at the touch of a button!

With an LCD screen which allows you to see what’s brewing, besides also giving you options to change everything in your coffee as per your preference, including the amount of coffee, milk or even the coffee temperature, this is that perfect coffee machine you have been waiting for!


Technical Input Power 1500W
Voltage 220-240V
Pump 19Bar Max ULKA
Safety Power Button Auto Shut off Yes
Auto Shut-Off Yes, Programmable
Power Cord Removable
Protection Class 1
Capacity Water Tank 700ml
Milk Tank 500ml
Capsules 12 Capsules
Utility Drip Tray Removable
Water Tank Removable
Milk Tank Removable
Milk Froth Apparatus Outside
LCD Screen Yes
Compatibility Bonhomia Yes
Dimensions Height 245mm
Depth 350mm
Width 155mm
Weight 5kg

Fresh Cafe-style coffee at Home

Fresh Cafe-style coffee at Home

A technologically hip coffee brewer – Brewski, is here to serve you the coffee of your dream.
Its single serve coffee brewing system brews all types of coffee to perfection in the comfort of your home or office.

Design and Style at Affordable Price

We know space is at a premium in your living room (that's where this Brewer feels most at home!). Built to occupy minimal space with it's Italian straight line design.

Convenient and Easy to Use

With an LCD screen, which allows you to see what's brewing and customise your coffee! Maintenance is easy - with water cycle to run to clean the channel as well as detachable parts to clean thoroughly on the milk apparatus side.

Variety - Coffee Capsules

Bonhomia Tea and Coffee Capsules come in multiple Flavors and Types. Bonhomia Capsules are available in various Intensity from 4 to 9 and Flavors, Choose your favourite one and stock for everyday perfect espressos / cappuccinos / lattes..

Play With Bonhomia!
Every Season Beverages.

Play with Bonhomia! Enjoy your Hot or Cold beverages in every season, in different formats and tastes.

Consistency – Brew, Flow and Cup Size

Open the lever and Insert the capsule of your favourite blend.

Warranty-after sales service

Bonhomia offers a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defect. Details provided in warranty policy.
Just call our Toll Free Number and we will provide you service at home.
We promise warranty and strong After-Sales Support.

In the Box

Brewski Coffee Maker includes;
- Detachable water jar
- Detachable milk jar,
- User Manual
- Warranty Manual.

Designed with You in mind

We know space is at a premium in your living room ( that's where this Brewer feels most at home ! ), and the Brewski occupies minimal space with its unique, compact Italian straight-line design.

Intelligent Machine

Whether it is a warning for low water or milk or if the bin is full with capsules, the Brewski warns you well in time with its in-built intelligence!

Easy & Safe to Use

With a one-touch coffee selection, this is the easiest machine to use! It is safe as well, with features like "Stand-by mode" & a detachable power cord. It does not allow you to prepare coffee if water runs out – keeping you safe from harm

Easy to Maintain

The Brewski is one of the easiest machines to maintain. Just run some cycles with water and the machine is clean. Additionally, with the milk apparatus being easily accessible, anytime there is a problem with milk blockage, you can take out the apparatus, clean it, and the machine is good to go again!

Iced Cafe Latte
Espresso Frappe
Iced Bonhomia
Cafe Mocha
Cafe Latte

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Yatheendra Nath A.
Machine works flawless. Time to make a cup of cappuccino is pretty fast. It would be great to have a bigger capsule for bigger cups. Overall I love this product.