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Bonhomia Boho Single serve coffee brewer

The Bonhomia Boho Single serve coffee brewer is a confluence of innovative technology, functionality and new age design. Coupled with carefully crafted Bonhomia capsules, Boho Produces the perfect cup of coffee with the most exquisite creme, tantalizing aroma and full bodied taste. Pair it with our exclusive milk frother Wipp-It for wonderful lattes and cappuccinos.


Features Boho's compact, space efficient design makes it the perfect counter top accessory for homes, cafes and offices. It's innovative one touch technology with adjustable settings allow you to choose the strength of your brew creating perfection in every cup, Adjustable settings for the exact coffee amount you desire.. Easy insertion and ejection of capsules holds 12 removable capsules. Italian ULKA pump for efficient brewing Programmable coffee volume ( Espresso & Lungo )  Easy to Use, Clean and Maintain.

Usability and Compatibility

Can be used with Bonhomia, Nespresso and all format pod capsules.

Bonhomia Coffee Capsules

Dark Deeds Capsules, Intensity 8

Our gourmet blend of all things dark and delicious is the perfect example of what can transpire when two good things come together to make something quit special. This confluence of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta gives you a deep and dark espresso like none other.

Free Love Capsules, Intensity 4

The 100% Arabica gourmet blend offers an extra smooth body and an aroma that is piquantly poised between sweet and spicy notes. Perfect, both as an espresso and as a base for other coffee preparations; the almighty crema in a single cup of Bonhomia is made to suit the palate of any free soul

Black Veil Capsules, Intensity 9

Bonhomia Black Veil is sourced from the finest royal estates of Mysore, our 100% Arabica roast will uplift your senses. Intense and alluring, with spicy undertones, this full bodied dark espresso emanates an aroma of woody notes and boasts of a perfectly textured golden crema. With glimpses of Cocao and Citrus in a fresh tingling aftertaste, this pure coffee will surely make your mornings and late evenings intensely perfect.

Organic Bliss, Intensity 5

100%  organic coffee freshly roasted in small batches. Bonhomia raises the bar and offers carefully craft roasted quality coffee bean grown through organic farming practices offering 100% organic certified coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso brewers.

Our medium roast organic espresso is known to turn regular summer evenings into dreamlike nights of romance and enchantment. With it’s mild fruity aromatic overtones and a lingering oaky after-taste, it will leave you craving for yet another cup. Perfect as a wake-me-up cuppa, its smoothness and low acidity flavour will ensure you have a great day.
Our capsule format ensure least amount of wastage and every coffee remains as fresh as your first cup because the entire packet of coffee is not exposed to moisture as we individually seal each coffee capsule.

Artisan Vanilla Flavored Coffee Capsules

Our range of Artisan Coffee blends are exquisitely crafted to conquer your senses with an elevated coffee experience. This decadent espresso spiked with a subtle hint of vanilla weaves its creamy, mellow magic to perfection. With its beautiful buttery aftertaste and flavours that warm the heart, our Vanilla Artisan coffee works brilliantly as a desert coffee; best enjoyed after a meal. Intensity: Mild, Vanilla Infused coffee

Artisan Hazelnut Flavored Coffee Capsules

Our range of Artisan Coffee blends are exquisitely crafted to conquer your senses with an elevated coffee experience. The distinctive flavor of Hazelnut and its affinity for coffee combined with our premium roast makes for a delicious and aromatic brew that is perfect as a base for a Macchiato or a Cappuccino. Intensity : Mild, Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

What's in the box?

  • Red Bonhomia Boho Espresso Brewer
  • 50 Capsules
  • 10 Dark Deeds Coffee Capsules, Intensity 8
  • 10 Organic Bliss Coffee Capsules, Intensity 4
  • 10 Black Veil Coffee Capsules, Intensity 9
  • 10 Free Love Coffee Capsules, Intensity 5
  • 5 Artisan Vanilla Flavour Coffee Capsule

Nespresso Compatible


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